– Flagpole Installation

-Flagpole Repair

-Flagpole Removal

-Flagpole Relocation

-Flagpole Painting

-Flagpole Rerope

-Flagpole Hardware Replacement

-Flagpole Foundation Replacement / Repair

-Flagpole Lighting

-Flag Supply 

-Custom Flags Manufactured

properly & safely

Our skilled mechanics have years of knowledge and experience to get your job done right the first time.Our crew is also OSHA certified.


Flagpoles have to withstand all types of weather conditions. NYC gets some harsh winter weather and our installations have to hold up to it because its a matter of public safety. Our installations are over engineered because failure is not an option.

Our late model fleet of equipment allows us to service your flagpole safely and efficiently .


US flags, State flags , Country Flags and Custom flags .

Flag and Banner Pole’s

Custom flag and banner poles fabricated typically using Aluminum or other materials like stainless steel or mind steel.


Rope Steel Cable & Fiber

Rope or cable replacement . Our trucks are stocked with typical parts for an internal or external halyard flagpole.


Trucks , Gold Balls , Crank Mechanism , Ball Retainer Ring , Counter Weight , Flash Collar , Rope , Cable , Flags Clips , Clip Covers , and more.

Foundation Repair

Flagpole that have shifted because of improper installation , not enough concrete , hit by a vehicle or other can be repaired or replaced.